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Address : 1026 Camaman-an District, Cagayan de Oro City
Birthplace : Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines
Birthday : October 25, 1976
Age : 25 years old
Citizenship : Filipino
Civil Status : Single
E-Mail Address :
Web Page URL :
Mobile Number : +639177061825



Philweb.Com - an Internet first mover committed to the advancement of integrated solutions for the creation of superior value for its customers and business partners. The company's business thrust is founded on the ABC's of the Internet: Access, Business Solutions and Commerce

Software Developer (ASP and Java) [ February 2000 – Present ]
The Enterprise Tower, 17th Floor Tower 1, 6766 Ayala Avenue Makati City, Philippines
Telephone Number (63) 02 - 8865599 local 282

Tools used: Microsoft 2000 Professional for OS, JDK 1.3 and UltraEdit for Java, EditPlus for ASP Scripting, Adobe Photoshop for Graphics, Microsoft FrontPage 2000 for Web Layout.


E-Padala Domestik - local on-line remittance web application

  • Project details – the system allows users to use prepaid cards in order to send money online from any city to Manila (this is the route for now). A backend management system is also created for attendant, finance and administrator people to keep track of data, transactions, remittances and other services involved. This web application is the younger brother of its International on-line remittance web application, E-Padala.

Philweb Daily Time Record System

  • Project details – the system will be hosted locally for employees to time in and time out. A separate page will be hosted live for employees who are under the marketing department so that they will not have to go to office just to log in. A separate UI for administrator and HRD is also part of the system. The administrator console will set up personnel data to the database. The HRD console meanwhile, retrieves the employees DTR according to a specific interval date. The HRD UI has also the option to output the generated report to Microsoft Excel instead of using the browser. I am the only one assigned to do this project.

Miss Philippines 2001 (Regional Search Cebu)

  • Website Content - created all dynamic scripting code for featuring candidates, scores, standings, voting forms, message boards, top 5 rankings, random selection of candidate per visit by the user on its main page. 

Triad Computer Systems

  • Simple Form Mail Module - sends form data to a specific email address specified by the administrator. The module is located in the 'CONTACT' link.
  • Prepaid Card Management System 
    • Customer Entry module - add, delete or modify Customer records. 
    • POP Entry module - add, delete or modify database POP records. 

PhilCampus - PhilCampus.Com is your one-stop Philippine college guide on the Internet. From enrolling to buying your textbooks, reserving plane and ferry tickets to finding the right dormitory and others. 

  • Alumni module - search alumni records
  • Buy Textbooks module - add, modify delete textbooks list in your textbook list cart. 
  • Enroll module - add, delete subjects in your enroll list cart. 
  • News ticker applet - a Java applet the displays news of new events on PhilCampus. 
  • Flow Diagram of website structure - using Microsoft Visio. 
  • Database Retriever Application - used Java to create a simple application that can retrieve a database record from another location, can save to file, can load from a file and store it inside our database. 

MyLifeMyStyle - a Philippine web magazine for college students.

  • Modification of chat applet plus an added feature of searching a friend through our records (data saved and read on a file). 
  • Create own help documents for user guidance on the chat applet.

MLhuillier Inc. - Search engine - search pawnshop branches nationwide.

PhilWeb Hotels - Search engine - search hotel records.

PhilWebSoft - PhilWeb.Com's I.T. software development group. Features applet games for surfers to play while surfing.

  • Snake Applet - the typical snake game
  • Memory Applet - the typical memory game
  • Sliding Puzzle Applet - the typical sliding puzzle game
  • Other Responsibilities:
    • Research on-line on certain topics to get more information.
    • Coordinate with team members on projects.

JumboNET Philippinesan Internet Casino gaming company operated in France.

Java Developer, Games Department [ June 1998 – August 1999 ]
#312 Juana Osmeña Extension St. Cebu City, Philippines
Telephone Number (63) 32 - 2551277


French Riviera Casino - designed the layout and applied them as static pages for this casino website. 

Nevada Las Vegas Casino - designed the layout and applied them as static pages for this casino website. 

On-Line Casino Games (Java Applets) - used Microsoft J++ v1.0 in creating stand alone applets to be used in the casino website portion of PLAY FOR FUN. Games include Baccarat,
Caribbean Poker, Craps, Slot Machine, Videopoker.


Datacom Link Devices - an Internet Service Provider in Cagayan de Oro City. Services creation and hosting of websites, internet tutorials, tech support, dialup installation.

Webmaster, Server Maintenance, Seminars, Technical Assistance [ October 1996 – April 1997 ]
Door 7 & 8 Limjoco Building A Luna St., Corrales Avenue Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines
Telephone Number (63) 8822 - 721219

  • Corporate Website - the Datacom website including information about Cagayan de Oro City and Bukidnon.
  • Technical Assistance for clients - assists clients in any internet related problems like dialup problems, how to download files and surf the web, email, chat and other internet related services. I also do client calls, going to their homes and assisting their problems there.
  • Seminars and tutorials for clients - conduct 1 on 1 tutorials for clients on internet related topics like web surfing, email, file transfer, chat and other internet related services.
  • Server Maintenance - maintains stability of server in case of problems related to internet connection or server problems.

Cebu Progress Commercial

CCS Batch '93 Directory

Personal Guestbook


3D Rendered Models using 3D Studio version 4 for DOS

My Applets: (Complete list) - On-line reservations and events for Atlantic City, NJ! My name featured in About This Site Link. They bought my five casino games: baccarat, caribbean poker, craps, slot machine videopoker applets. - another site where my casino applets are used. - Rented by Smart Consult GmbH of Frankfurt Germany

Rating: (1 - 3) [ sunglasses rating - a must see game ]
Baccarat - [ sunglasses | smiley : 3 | graphics : 3 | sound : 3 ]
Caribbean Poker - [ sunglasses | smiley : 2 | graphics : 3 | sound : 3 ]
Craps - [ sunglasses | smiley : 3 | graphics : 3 | sound : 3 ]
Slot Machine - [ smiley : 2 | graphics : 3 | sound : 2 ]
Snake - [ smiley : 2 | graphics : 3 | sound : 0 ]
Video Poker - [ smiley : 3 | graphics : 3 | sound : 3 ]

Compuware created a videopoker applet based on my original videopoker applet but with some added features and slight modifications. Applet being rented by them but hosted in the server. - The Java Applet Rating Service (JARS) is a review service that uses in-house personnel as well as an independent group of skilled judges to review Java (tm) applets and applications. In addition we maintain a database of program submissions that will function as your guide to the best Java programs the Web has to offer.

Rating: (1- 3) Click here for rating criteria
(Not yet rated, takes 2 to 3 months upon submission to finish rating)
Caribbean Poker
Slot Machine

BrainBench Certified (Transcript ID: 120734) in the following:
Computer Fundamentals (Win 95/98) Microsoft PowerPoint 2K Fundamentals (Master)
Flash 4 Microsoft PowerPoint 97 Fundamentals
HTML 3.2 Microsoft Windows 95 Navigation
HTML 4.0 Microsoft Windows 98 Navigation
ICQ 2000 Microsoft Word 2000
Java 1 Microsoft Word 2000 Fundamentals (Master)
Java 2 Microsoft Word 97 Fundamentals
Java 2 GUI (Master) Spelling (U.S.)
Java 2 NON - GUI Typing Speed and Accuracy
MS Front Page 2000 VBScript 5.5
Microsoft IE 4.0 Fundamentals Written English
Microsoft Excel 97 Fundamentals WWW Concepts
Microsoft Outlook 5.0 Fundamentals Javascript
Note: Certificates are deleted after a year that the user took the exam. In case they are not found in my BrainBench transcript, you can see my stored information here as well.



Graduated, College
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
Xavier University, Corrales Avenue
Cagayan de Oro City
March 1997

Graduated, High School
Corpus Christi School
Macasandig, Cagayan de Oro City
March 1993

Graduated, Grade School
Corpus Christi School
Macasandig, Cagayan de Oro City
March 1989



Java 3
Javascript 1
ASP / VB Script 2
MS SQL Server 2
MS Access 2
3D Studio for DOS 2
Windows 95/98/2K 5
Microsoft Applications 5
Adobe Photoshop 3



Merlo Erediano, Senior Manager
3rd floor, PDI Condominium
Banilad, Cebu City
Telephone Number (63) 02 - 8865599

Alex Kwong, Manager
Power Pro Systems Inc.
Door - A Isabelo Commercial Arcade
Gen. Maxilom Avenue, Cebu City
Philippines 6000
Telephone Number (63) 32 - 2332206

Horst Metz, CEO
JumboNET Philippines
#312 Juana Osmeña Extension St.
Cebu City,
Telephone Number (63) 32 - 2551277

Felisandro Pasana, Senior Programmer
3rd floor, PDI Condominium
Banilad, Cebu City
Telephone Number (63) 02 –

Joni Cris Tamayo, Head
Hardware Support Services
Xavier University Computer Center
Xavier University, Corrales Avenue
Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines
Telephone Number (63) 8822 - 723812