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How to play Poker 5x5

Poker 5x5 consists of 2 rounds per game with different game modes.

First round gives you a deck of 30 cards. You must then place each card on the card area to form the best possible poker hand vertically and/or horizontally. You can replace any occupied card at most 5 times in this round. When all cards are occupied, you can then click on the END ROUND button to have the game check if your cards form any possible combination. If your cards are all used up, it will automatically also check your cards for any possible combination. Jokers are wild and you can get up to a maximum of 2 jokers which will give you bigger chances to form a higher combination.

Second round provides you with 25 ready-placed cards on the card area. Click a card to select it and click on another to move them both. END ROUND button will end this round and check your cards for any possible combination. 1 Joker wild card is provided for this round.

You are provided a time limit for each round so form your cards efficiently. Try to get the highest possible combination with your cards to earn big points, with a little bit of luck too.

Royal Flush 1000
Straight Flush 800
Five of a Kind 700
Four of a Kind 600
Full House 300
Flush 200
Straight 100
Three of a Kind 50
Two Pairs 30
Jacks or Better 10