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Nestor Solitaire

Nestor is a solitaire card game where the object is the removal of pairs.

Cards are dealt into eight columns of six cards. They are dealt in such a way that no two cards in the same column have the same rank. If it is about to be the case, the card about to dealt is placed at the bottom of the deck and a new one is dealt as long as its rank doesn't match with any of the cards already in that column.

Once the eight columns are dealt, the four remaining cards are placed either face-up or face-down in a row above or below the columns. These four cards will be the reserve.

Play is composed of removing pairs of cards with the same rank (such as two kings or two 7s). All cards in the reserve and the top card of each column are available for play. Once a pair has been removed, new cards become exposed and available for play.

The game is won once all cards are discarded.