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Hit Or Miss Solitaire

Hit or Miss is a solitaire card game which uses a deck of 52 playing cards. It is one of the unique solitaire card games because the player only deals the cards one at a time.

As the player deals the cards, he says the words "ace, two, three, four... nine, ten, jack, queen, king, ace..." and so on. To make things clearer, the player says "ace" when dealing the first card, "two" when dealing the second card, and so on until "king" for the thirteen card, "ace" again for the fourteen, and the process continues. The player can continue counting after the cards in the deck are used up, recollected and redealt.

Once the word uttered matches the rank of the card dealt, the card is "hit" and it is discarded. Cards that are "hit" no longer take further part in the game.

The player can continue the game and redeal the cards (and say "ace, two, three..." at the same time) as long as there are cards "hit." But when all the remaining cards are dealt twice in succession without a "hit," the game is lost. Therefore, all cards must be discarded in order for the game to be won.